How to Look Gorgeous For Less

Well, it is really happening. I mean, they have been interviewing people for my job – how rude! Time to get my new life underway…

I have been multi-tasking.  For instance I dug over the frozen vegetable patches today while installing Indesign at home. This is partly because installing software terrifies me and I can’t bear to look, and partly because gardening is part of my masterplan.

So Jon assured me that I should dig in the freezing temperatures so that slug eggs would be brought to the surface and die of cold. I certainly startled a few worms… and found some leftovers that were missed at harvest time. Not much but hey – free food!



So here are my tips on looking gorgeous for less:

1 Don’t buy new beauty products until you have used up your stash

Have a rummage through your cupboards – and your Christmas gifts. I found this little lot!


I am about to break it to Mr K that we are not buying new shower gel just because he fancies smelling lemony this week…

And when you do need to buy new, get along to Wilkinson’s (frugal Heaven), or failing that, Pound Shops or Superdrug.

2 Ditch cleansing, toning and moisturising

I firmly believe that the need for these three processes has been invented. The best moisturiser for your face is its own oils. Why keep washing, cleansing and toning them out when all this does is create a need for moisturiser?

I have gone through life using just soap and water on my face. Whenever I have been tempted to try something more sophisticated, it has given me spots.

Now I’m older, I have been persuaded to use a bit of moisturiser in the summer, especially as I am outdoors a lot.  I buy a simple, cheap one with sun protection factor 15 – and I use it really sparingly because otherwise – yep,  it gives me spots.

If I stick to the skincare regime below, my skin is always fine.


Wash your face morning and night with cheap, fragrance-free soap. In between, use a bit of moisturiser or sun cream as required. The reason for washing in the evening is to remove the oily residue of these products.


Wash your face in the morning. Job done! I find that washing in the evening as well just makes my skin dry.

3 Use up your tubes

This is my all-time favourite tip, which I learned from a TV programme. Tubes of beauty product often appear to be empty because you can’t get any more out. This can be heart-breaking if they are mega-expensive like this cream I use to prevent a crone-like appearance (my Dad calls this stuff ‘Polyfilla’). Here’s what you do:

Fasten the lid and snip across the other end with scissors.


Discover that there is still LOADS left inside. Probably £££s worth. Hooray!

Slip the cut-off end over the tube and use this as the new lid.


4 And finally… the anti-wrinkle cream you didn’t know you had!

I have often heard that haemorrhoid cream is a good substitute for those round-the-eye creams that iron out your crow’s feet. I had never tried this before, but thought I should have a go today in the interests of science, beauty and money-saving tips.

When I smeared it on, it felt a bit sticky, but I removed a bit at the edges and persevered, wafting a bit of powder on top. And you know what – it really works! It has lasted longer than my usual cream – perhaps because it is stickier so stays on better. And I have not frightened any children at all today!

I would add a picture to show you the pleasing results, but I find that my arms are not long enough for a flattering selfie these days – even with bum cream on my face.


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