Sophie Kersey Has Left the Building

I did it – I escaped/sky-dived/belly-flopped out of the office and into the freelancing life!


is the only word for the last few days. My final day in the office was also Jon’s 50th birthday, and it also happened to be the day a TV crew came to film a colleague who has written a book about crafting her own wedding!

My lovely colleagues were all incredibly kind and produced both a lunch and a tea-time party with Prosecco, cakes, wonderful gifts and a hilarious card covered in pictures of me being a nutter. In the evening at the pub, Jon and I shared breathless stories on the theme of ‘they all made such a fuss of me!’



Jon’s enormous birthday bash was on Saturday, so when people asked about my first day of freedom, I rather snapped at them that I had spent eight hours cooking a casserole for 120 of Jon’s closest friends and family.

The party when it finally came was completely wonderful and worth every moment of hyperventilating panic I had over the catering. The beef casserole will live on as one of the main achievements of my life – you know the sort of thing: the odds were stacked against me, it took two hours to brown the meat, I felt the fear but did it anyway and ultimately I triumphed. I think I have given away the plot of my next novel.

So how was my first day of freelancing? Well, here is the view from my desk:


Yes my presence in the house prompted Misty to want her tea all day long and to claw my legs expectantly – something my human colleagues almost never did.

As I began to do things that someone might pay me for, I was gripped by doubt that I could make this work – Indesign looked different at home and I had to fiddle around to get all the bells and whistles I needed. Could I get my head round the projects I had laid down all of four days ago? Could I even spell today?

Well I did manage to get a few hours’ work done, opened a business bank account, went for a walk and arranged a get-together with a friend, which goes some way towards the kind of balance I wanted to have in my life. The only thing I have not managed to do is any writing – which I will be putting right very soon, as otherwise this is all going to be pointless!

As for offering money saving tips, I feel an absolute fraud because in the wake of a tidal wave of kindness from everyone, Jon and I find ourselves in a house stacked high with goodies, so, um – watch you don’t drink all your champagne in one go..?

I give up – but normal frugal service will be resumed when the fuss has died down, the wine has all been consumed and we are left with a depleted bank account and quite possibly liver damage.


7 thoughts on “Sophie Kersey Has Left the Building

  1. Congratulations Sophie on grabbing life with both hands…you are doing what many of us dream about. I am very much looking forward to travelling the journey with you and will no doubt enjoy buying the fruits of your labours.
    Enjoy Sophie x


  2. I know exactly how you feel, I made the same decision in the early 1980’s. You will surprise yourself along the journey you have decided to take. I did.


  3. You’re an inspiration, Sophie – in fact so much so I’m slightly concerned you might prompt a mass exodus from Search Press! Though with babies and weddings on the way, hopefully the freelance life won’t prove too much of a pull. May the good life continue – and there’ll always be a plentiful supply of freelance work from Search. x


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